WMC Women’s Media Awards


Tonight was truly amazing in every way possible. It’s not too often you get to be around so many inspirational women under one roof but that’s exactly what happened at the Women’s Media Awards. Powerhouse after Powerhouse, the red carpet was filled with such remarkable ladies and I got to interview all of them. One of my highlights was interviewing Jane Fonda, I grew up watching her so to actually interview her was quite the experience. Jane is definitely tough and to the point but very passionate about making women and girls visible and powerful in the media, something I admire. The night was hosted by Wanda Sykes and let me tell you… she is absolutely hysterical! I couldn’t keep a straight face talking to her, what a blast she is! CNN Anchor & Special Correspondent Soledad O’Brien was honored by the Women’s Media Center and I was just thrilled to meet her because she is absolutely amazing (and we went to the same high school). Being in situations like this, it is just so nice to meet people in high positions who are genuinely kind, caring and all around great… Soledad is definitely all of the above! Hats off to the Women’s Media Center!!!

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